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Our Quality Promise


Skolex Biotechnologies approaches our products with the highest degree of attention to quality and safety.  No product is released unless we know we have met our strict standards for  organic production.

All worm fertilizers (worm castings) are 100% Organic but they are not all the same. The fertilizer content, trace mineral content, and the types of microorganisms provided will be different and reflect both the foods that the worms are fed and the characteristics of the worms living conditions. You have a right to know what types of food the worms are fed to create Skolex Castings.  We will always provide this information, allowing you to make informed decisions concerning the Organic Fertilizers you use in and outside of your home.

Our Skolex Castings (Organic Worm Fertilizers) are certified PEAT FREE.  Skolex Castings will not be prepared with or contain peat, sphagnum moss, or any other material mined from wetlands or non-sustainable resources.