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Skolex Worm Castings

Organic fertilizers and soil amendments created by worms (Skolex Worm Castings) are unequaled by any combination of synthetic chemicals and far superior to regular compost.

Castings are astabilized slow release fertilizer “pellet” that contains NPK nutrients, trace metals, and an incredibly broad community of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. Studies have demonstrated significantlybetter results compared to potting soil when germinating seed, propagating plants, fruit and vegetable yields including taste, and protecting plants from mildew and other pests.

The majority of these benefits are a result of creating a healthy root zone for the plant and providing plant nutrients at a rate that matches the needs of the plant. Skolex Castings also stabilize soil pH and moisture levels.

Skolex Castings can be used to reduce and eliminate many chemicals now used in commercial agriculture, and in residential landscaping and gardening. Excellent results are now being documented at vineyards and golf courses.

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