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Microgreens and Kits

Grow your own microgreens!  These baby plants, grown in 100% Organic Worm Castings, have a flavor you can’t beat! Each microgreen type tastes just like the seed it was grown from….radish microgreens have a spicy radish flavor, sunflowers a nutty freshness, broccoli your kids will eat even if they dont!  Our Skolex Worm Castings ensure high yield and flavor, and our growing system is beautiful enough for your kitchen counter.

If you have purchased a Skolex Microgreens Kit, congratulations!  You are on your way to wonderful indoor gardening for fresh greens!

If you have purchased Skolex Castings and microgreen seeds, download our easy to follow instructions by clicking on this link:  Grow MicroGreens With Skolex Worm Castings

If you are just getting started, then Visit the Skolex Store to order your Skolex MicroGreens Kit!

Health Benefit Information:

Please use the following as a starting point for your exploration into the health benefits of microgreens!

Radish Health Benefits

Wheatgrass Health Benefits

Coming soon:  Broccoli and Kale Health Benefits