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About Our Partnerships

At Skolex, we realize that partnerships are at the heart of what we do…whether it is with funding agencies, companies looking to improve their recycling and environmental footprint, or with local growers and farmers who are looking to get the best from their land…all of these partners are our customers.

Skolex has forged strategic relationships with local companies to provide waste transformation services, with retail companies to provide products to the market, with local educational institutions to help teach the next generation, and with a broad base of individuals and companies for new product development.  Together, we are sharing talent and ideas, expanding the horizons of organic waste transformation.

We are continually looking to expand are partner base.  Please contact us!


Some of Our Partners

  • Paradise
    Paradise Horticultural Services
    Paradise Horticultural Services is an experienced and innovative grower in the Atlanta area, partnering with Skolex on new VermiBlend products....
  • USDA2
    Development of the Skolex Vermiculture Technologies has been supported in part by a small business innovation grant from the US Department of Agriculture.  ...
  • Milton2
    Milton Heating & Air
    Milton Heating and Air provides warehouse facilities for Skolex that allow us to demonstrate our urban composting technology and ability to be a good neighbor....