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Middle School Art and The Environment Curriculum

A new art curriculum aims to teach students about recycling and environmental impact.

Skolex founder Dr. Ken Hughes is enthusiastic about the development and piloting of a new 6-week art curriculum that educates students on key environmental and recycling issues.  The course teaches art techniques and technologies in a project based learning setting that brings the environmental issues to life.

Dr. Hughes states that “This is great example of how using new technology development blended with the subjects of arts, math, science, history and technology can bring to life a core subject of environmental literacy.  The courses encompass the core 21st Century Learning and STEAM principles of education.  We are really excited about this opportunity”.

Through the courses the students are challenged in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and in particular creativity.   In addition, the students deepen their knowledge and understanding of the environment and how society impacts the ecosystem.

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