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Microbrewery Grain Waste Project Initiated

In late 2013, Skolex began work with a local brewery to transform their digested grains from brewing into useful soil nutrients.

According to Gunter Pauli of the Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives, approximately 92% of brewing materials end up as residual waste.  The majority of this waste is digested grains that, while no longer useful for brewing, still has significant protein and fiber.  Brewers have traditionally shipped their spent grain to farms to use as animal feed, but this form of recycling is challenging as the spent grains ferment quickly and then cannot be used.

Large breweries such as MillerCoors have made significant strides in waste reduction.  But smaller microbreweries which have been booming lately do not usually have the resources or financial ability to be able to implement this level of recycling.  Technologies such as Skolex Vermiculture Systems will play a key role and be a critical partner for breweries looking to decrease their environmental impact and waste costs.

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