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Mini-microgreens Kits

Try our new mini Microgreens Kit, perfect for the new indoor gardener or for gifts. We love our big size Microgreens Growing Kit, but our new smaller 5×5″ kit is just right for those wanting to give microgreens and indoor gardening a try, but not yet ready to commit to the...
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Middle School Art and The Environment Curriculum

A new art curriculum aims to teach students about recycling and environmental impact. Skolex founder Dr. Ken Hughes is enthusiastic about the development and piloting of a new 6-week art curriculum that educates students on key environmental and recycling issues.  The course teaches art techniques and technologies in a project...
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Microbrewery Grain Waste Project Initiated

In late 2013, Skolex began work with a local brewery to transform their digested grains from brewing into useful soil nutrients. According to Gunter Pauli of the Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives, approximately 92% of brewing materials end up as residual waste.  The majority of this waste is digested grains...
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Skolex Successfully Finishes First Full Year Of Waste Transformation

Skolex has completed its first full year of of transforming coffee grounds into soil nutrients, saving approximately 18,000  pounds or 9 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Skolex Biotechnologies mission is to develop technologies that support closed loop recycling, helping communities focus on recycling locally, growing locally, and eating...
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New Microgreens Product Introduced

Skolex recently introduced a new micro-greens kit that has met with resounding positive feedback.  Microgreens are young plants harvested after just a few leaves have developed.  When harvested at this early stage, the greens have enhanced flavor and nutritional value, while retaining the flavor of the seed from which they...
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