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Learn about what we do and how we develop new technologies to harness the power of worms to generate superior soil supplements.

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Explore our wide variety of premium worm casting products that return nutrients and microbial wellness to your garden and plants.

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Work with us on your new vermiculture systems, sustainable technology consulting, and K-12 environmental education projects.

Welcome to Skolex Biotechnologies

At Skolex Biotechnologies we are committed to developing technologies and methods that will allow us to recycle the waste streams of modern life into products that allow our soils to thrive and provide maximum productivity. By doing so we can reduce the use of fossil fuels, synthetic fertilizers and other "chemicals of convenience" that have damaged our soil, water, and air.

New Latin scolic-, scolex, from Greek skōlēk-, skōlēx worm; akin to Greek skolios crooked, skelos leg